“Space Ball” 3D Game

04 Jul 2012

During my first year at Coventry University I was assigned as part of the Content Design Tools and Techniques module to create the following: a 3D still image, a 3D animation and a 3D single player game.

The arcade game that I have created was made with the Blender Game Engine version 2.61. My main objective during the creation of this game was to implement a physics engine, which I successfully manage to do. The most challenging moment for this part of project was when I had to texture the objects. The reason for this is because I only had previous experience with Cinema 4D and Maya, and in the Blender software it has to be done differently, with not so many features.

The game action takes place into space, where the user has to control a ball over various platforms and avoid obstacles in order to reach to a safe point, from where it is send to the next level. Furthermore, if the ball does not land on a platform, it will drift off into space forever.

By the end of this project I felt that I have gained valuable skills in 3D modelling and I have also improved my knowledge concerning theoretical terms that this type of art involves. With the experience that I have obtained, I have pushed my work further into development and I transformed my still image and animation into stereoscopic ones.    [button link=”″ size=”small”]View report[/button]