Home Automation System GUI

04 Jul 2012

The interaction style my Home Automation System interface will support is object/verb (post-WIMP) for touch-screen-based operating systems such as Apple’s iOS (iPad) and Android. These will enable the use of more than one finger when the user is interacting with the screen, allowing actions such as pinching and rotating.

The user can select what music they want to paly, having the ability to search through the playlist, assign a song to one or more rooms and to configure various sound settings. Besides this, the user can select the heat and light intensity (up to 3 bulbs according to the intensity selected) to a specific room. Furthermore, the user can turn on/off its console (i.e. PS3, Xbox) and TV, or use the panel underneath as a classic remote control.

A user account is not completely necessary for having access to the control panel, but it could be set up by the user in order to maintain the security and privacy of its control settings.